American Tragedy

An open door closes as she turns her head
Straining to hear what her landlord just said
An old woman screams at the top of her lungs
Hoping her kids know itís time to come home
As the train rattles by shaking frames off the wall
Each one a memory sheíd like to recall
But the slum she lives in she now calls home

Her present conditionís a reality check thatís be cashed
She canít even afford to pay attention or rest
The last six weeks sheís been working down on the corner just to feed her kid
But the shame will take its toll on her mind.

A one bed apartment thatís become a cell
No bars on the windows but there might as well
Itís now been three months and she still has no job
The food stamps and welfare are bound to run out
And the children keep asking when can we go home
They donít understand that their homeís been foreclosed
And itís all she can do to keep from crying

Stuck in this hellish dream she keeps trying to wake herself up
No longer in between as she dangles from the bottom rung.
She has no energy as she tries to climb out so she starts to give up.
The shame was just too much for her mind.

Itís sad that she has given up.
The shame too much to overcome
She takes a drink and then she pens her goodbyes

All Lyrics © Lowbrow