The congregation fucking lost its mind.
They need to change their views and get in line.
The soapbox preacher’s cheap philosophies
are breeding fear and hate controlling things.
Obstruction of the truth they’re telling lies
(They’ve got the wool pulled back a thick disguise)
The not so good book isn’t right this time
(This greed and fear and hate is our demise)
The separation of church and state, and all the things that made us great, will surely all just fade away

Weak minded people following like sheep
(They lack the will the strength to question things)
Disgust, detest and fear and apathy
(They now accept as their philosophies)
Exclusion of their friends and family
(Based solely on the fact they don’t agree)
Corruption veiled as a democracy, and all we do is sit and watch it burn

All Lyrics © Lowbrow